$200 in my Bank Account!

Kim Vansant
2 min readNov 3, 2022

T-Mobile Promotion

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I recently became a T-Mobile customer.

I’m lovin it!

My bill is less expensive, and my 5G coverage is fast now that I have a phone built for faster speeds.

I went from a Samsung 7 ( bought in 2016) to a Samsung S22 Ultra.

I’m okay with ya’ll laughing at me.

It still worked.

I was running out of memory, but the phone was in really great shape, with no damage. I could still get on the Internet, make phone calls, text, and take pictures and videos.

I took advantage of the promotions T-Mobile was offering- “S22 on us” at the time. No trade-in was required, so I gotta keep my S7, and my husband kept his S10.

The cost of the phone is credited back to the bill for 24 months. If I were to leave T-Mobile, I would owe the remaining cost. It is unlikely that I will jump ship. I was with the other company, US Cellular, for 6 years.

That is almost $2000 worth of “free” phones.

I had to pay some upfront costs- taxes and activation fees for both phones. It was one heck of a deal!

I was able to take advantage of another promotion for porting my number from my old company to T-Mobile.

Once I submitted my phone number and other perinate information, on to their website- promotions.t-mobile.com; I received a notice that the submission was successful with a tracking ID.

The message said to Allow up to 8 weeks to receive the $200 virtual credit card sent to me and my husbands phone number.

I submitted the information On September 30th, 2022. My husband and I each received a $200 virtual credit card link on November 1st, 2022, via a text message.

Free Money!

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