5 Tips to Keep Ticks off You this Summer

What to do once you are bitten.

Kim Vansant
3 min readJul 11, 2023
Man and women sitting in front of a tent and campfire.
Photo by Zest Tea on Unsplash

I’ve been bitten so many times this spring and summer that I am now allergic to them, and each bite swells and itches for a long time. I done a deep dive into researching ticks. Here is the information I’ve collected so far.

5 Methods that help to avoid tick bites.

  • 1. Use permethrin on clothing and or other repellents, like Deet. Follow all label instructions.
  • 2. Wear long, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Tuck your pants into socks and your shirt into pants so ticks can’t find your skin as easily.
  • 3. Wear a hat or bandana. I have long hair; I put it up and wear a hat.
  • 4. I’ve been seeing pictures on social media of putting wide sticky tape around your ankle and wrists so the nasty little blood suckers get stuck & die, similar to a sticky trap people use for bugs and rodents that get in your home.
  • 5. Know where the ticks are and avoid them. They are in grasses, bushes, trees, dirt, animals, and wooded areas.

I asked a group of people for their best tick prevention tips, which I’ve been collecting.

  1. Use tea tree oil shampoo and…



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