Kim Vansant
2 min readJul 16, 2022


Are You Being Controlled
Mind Manipulation

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

We can all agree the last couple of years has been a shit-show.

Personally, ditto. Dad died, I lost my job, almost died, and recovery was slow. I know others with worse situations-and that sucks for them.

Supply chain disruptions, locked up, social-society withdrawal, anxiety, depression.

The media plays with words to manipulate our emotions. Anger, hate directed at? People that don’t think like us. People that have more money. nicer stuff, different heritage, older people, younger people, millennials, left, right, God-loving, God-hating, God indifferent, women, men, transgender, meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans.


Have you felt these?

Do you watch the news and, while watching, find yourself angry at your mom, dad, child, grandparent, friend, or neighbor?

Are you blaming them for the riots, the high cost of living, and global warming? Do you think they are suckers or stupid for believing a certain way?

Congratulation! You are one of many controlled-mind fu$%#@ individuals.

How did we get here?

Is the media to blame?

Who gave the orders to slant the news to cause anger and aggression?

Who gives the orders?


Repeat the news, the comment, the graphic, the meme over and over. Share it. Talk about it on social media within your groups. Look down on others and clap yourself on the back for being better, more intelligent, and wiser than your parents and kids.

Segregate yourselves to avoid talking about the problems. Shut down, roll your eyes, and believe that someday “they” will wake up and see it your way. You know the RIGHT way.

Meanwhile, the world continues to go to shit. We feel more alone, sad, and angry. We can’t afford food, gas, rent, medicine, or mental health solutions.

We fight among ourselves, and we are the puppets, never acknowledging our masters that pull our strings.



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