Giving Thanks

I saved Bob and Bob saved me.

Kim Vansant
4 min readNov 27, 2023
Photo by Haley Owens on Unsplash

I was bullied at work in 2022 and into 2023.

My self-esteem took a significant hit. I had a few people close to me who tried to help, but there was always advice from the simple “Don’t let it get you down,” You know it’s not true,” “You’re tougher than that.”

I did. I didn’t. I wasn’t.

I’m thankful for Bob. He was an unexpected gift I was graced with in late May.

I found a litter of kittens that the momma cat never returned to care for. They were less than a week old and fit in the palm of my hand.

Momma cat probably got hit by a car or was killed by a coyote. Three of the four kittens died within a day. Bob was a survivor. He fought to be heard; I would never have looked in that barrel if it weren’t for his cries. He fought to survive, and in doing so, he helped save me.

I’m thankful for the purr. The purr means unconditional love and acceptance. The purr relaxes me and takes away my stress. I crave the purr.

The purr heals.

His warm little body cuddles up next to my heart, where I bottle-fed him as an infant, soothing both of us.

He grooms my hand, ear, and sometimes my head, which I find odd, but it relaxes him to take care of me. I’m part…



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