Is Life About to Get Dicey?

Mundane is better than wars. Rant is past the mundane.

Kim Vansant


Puddles when she was a baby at a family reunion.

My dog Puddles woke me this morning because her water bowl needed filling. She climbed on top of me and nudged me, then when I ignored that, she pawed me. Baby Bob is next to my head. I stretch, and he purrs. I love that sound. I get up, give Puddles her water, make me coffee, and go pee. Actually, reverse that: I peed, got her water, and made myself coffee, to be completely transparent.

Before I realized the water bowl was empty, I mentioned to Baby Bob, the cat, that maybe Puddles is one of those wonder therapy dogs that know when something is wrong with you and somehow knew I had a bladder thing going on.

Nope, she was thirsty. We have two water bowls. The one in the bedroom was dry.

We close the hallway door that leads to the kitchen at bedtime. A gate blocks the living room into the kitchen. (The cats can get past the gate.) If we don’t, Puddles gets into trouble. She will eat not only all her food but attempt to starve the cats by eating all their food, too, and on rare occasions, she will make a puddle on the kitchen floor; we don’t know why. Puddles is a greedy pig in a dog’s body. She is 13 years old and overweight.

On a random note, Puddles had issues with itchy skin and limping a few years back. We took her to the vet, who prescribed some pain pills for arthritis and nothing for the itching. Long story short, I found out she was allergic to food dyes. I not only changed her food & treats but the cats also. The limping went entirely away, and the itching stopped except for her ears, which is another long story.

The above is the by far best part of the day so far.

I looked over, and Alexa had several notifications for me, all about the violence in the Middle East. I declined to hear more about it. I sit down at my desk to get online to check email and get on Medium, and my browser gives me headline news to start the day. Typically, I just glance at the information, but the war in the Middle East is out there for all to see.

It’s just awesome. People killing people. That’s sarcasm by the way.

Hate, anger, people taking sides pushing that hateful energy into the cosmos…



Kim Vansant

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